How To Make The Perfect Christmas Dinner Without Losing Your Mind

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Practice makes perfect!

Ladies... Gents... Let's all agree to not lose our minds cooking Christmas dinner this year. Whether you're new to hosting or are a veteran Christmas chef, you should be able to cook a fabulous meal AND hang up the apron when dinner comes around to enjoy in the festivities yourself!

How many times have you offered to cook Christmas dinner, only to find yourself scrambling to come up with a meal plan a few days before? You don't have to brave the crowded grocery store last minute and get stuck with the same turkey every year.

This Christmas, let's take the stress out of dinner, with planning.

I mean, doesn't that make sense? All of the other areas of your life you live by the motto, "work smart, not hard." There is no reason you have to be a kitchen slave all day on Christmas!

Scheduling, Scheduling, Scheduling

For a detailed scheduling guide, try Delia Smith of The Guardian's, "A step-by-step guide to cooking Christmas dinner"

Make as many dishes that you can ahead of time!

Classic Christmas dishes you can make ahead

Practice Makes Perfect!


And if you're not a seasoned cook, why not try cooking some of your side dishes for dinner a week beforehand? In order to have the perfect anything you have to first know what perfect is, which means not only time management, but also doing your research.

Now, let's also go over some simple but easy recipes and ideas for that Christmas dinner!

Watch Christmas With Gordon Ramsay!

Below you can watch Gordon prepare his perfect stuffing, turkey, homemade gravy, cranberry apple sauce, and delectable mint truffles, all aided by the skillful hands of son Jack and daughter Megan. Also good to note that you should feel free to enlist the hands of your family and friends if you need, no reason you have to do everything yourself!!

Single Pan Chocolate Christmas Cake & Tia Maria

Here is a stress free cake, courtesy of Nigella Lawson's "Quick Christmas" series on the Food Network.

Also, be sure to check out some of Nigella's other videos! She has a TON of "Quick Christmas" recipes are that easy enough for even a cooking newbie to master on the first try!

Don’t over complicate it


It's better to do a few dishes really well than a lot of dishes that aren't that great, because you didn't have the time to really do a good job on any of them!

Finally: HAVE FUN! That's the point.


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